His ebony hair, tousled above a foreboding brow

Morose with worry

Extinguishing embers of a cigarette

Like those of a love mismatched.


Her ivory skin, scattered with freckles

A disparaging attempt at connect the dots

A defeated disregard for unreachable

Shangri-la lifestyles


His honeyed epidermis

Bathed in scars and reproachful memories

Mind shrieking and squawking thoughts

That are not his own.


Her milk-hued body

Castrated within an uneasy aura

A reverberating cage of overanalyzation

Chewing until she sees poppies under her nail beds.


Their years of sickly solitude

Trickle away

When they convene


An all-enveloping, whimsical curiosity

Invites them to indulge in



Giggling until tears drizzle rosy cheeks

Running until grins

Metamorphosize their lips.

Converse until secrets spill from their

Routinely untrusting psyche.


Paradoxical personalities

Intertwine in homogeneous Zion.

Biting into

the fruits of a fiery felicity.


They have found each other

And nothing else matters.


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