What is up is down

There are many things that happened,
some other things just seem to go on.
Even though at times I have, I really haven’t.
To see what is before, it’s gone.

Many people think that anything can occur,
but a chosen few have been able to see
what is blurred I must concur,
is just at the mercy of  a mighty C.

C, one word to take me down.
Could it be a happy path or a sad track?
C, one letter to make me drown.
Suddenly feeling like a stimulus sack.

This may not make sense, because its not made to.
How could such uncertainty and complexity have that luxury?
It can’t, there is no possible answer to see through.
As the fog thickens, it almost becomes compulsory.

Oh, how could’ve I known the irony of this world.
For what goes up must come down, is just cold.

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