The Name of Life

Wěi, pronounced similarly to "way"

The Chinese name given by my grandmother

A name inherited by many famous Chinese celebrities

Those who have received numerous accolades

Those who have been lauded for their extraordinary talents

Those who have millions of admirers across the world


However, I hold no prestigious awards

I have no extraordinary skill to offer

And I certainly have nothing worthy of being admired


Instead, my accolades come in the form of gratitude from others

My greatest skill is my ability to learn

And my most loyal admirers are my family


My name defines greatness, honor, strength

And my special quality is that I refute all those qualities


I have yet to display greatness

For I am just an ordinary high school student

But love and compassion I share to a great amount


I have yet to test my strength

For physical strength I have none of

But in mental and spiritual strength I possess plenty


I have yet to fight an honorable battle

For I dare not harm a living creature

But I believe there is honor in admitting I do not


I want to carve my own path

My name does not define me

But it is through poetry

I define my name, and my destiny

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