I do not live to appease anyone.
Why do you categorize me?
Why is my appearance labeled, Am im not good enough for “Your” society?
Why does the color of my skin designate what school district im welcomed in?

Why cant I win ?
Why am I labeled Black!
Why are they labeled white!
I am not black!
They are not white,but together we will fight
,and together we will unite!
Until this categorizing ends.

Label's does not define who we are ,nor does the color of our skin.
What defines us is what's within.
Together we will win
,because of the words I've spoken
Will outweigh the negativity that fulfills people's heart's.
My word's,these words will light up the dark.
These words are love
,which cannot be
Torn apart.
By Keturah Brown

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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