Hello Fear

Fear isn't just a thought 

Fear is a feeling

Fear is a manipulating fraught 

But with hard work comes healing 

Don't put your dreams on hold 

Because of this so called fear that you've been told 

will rip your dreams away 

Causing you to go astray 

Fear is no bigger than happiness 

So stop with the distress 

I believe that you can do it 

So put yourself to the test. 

A box can only hold so many

So step out and hold on to your dreams 

Because you got plenty 

Fear can be your bestfriend 

or your worst enemy 

Scratch that thought it can be your frenemy 

I will say this once 

Then I will say this again 

Don't hinder yourself with fear 

Until you've lost all you gained

Feel free to let go 

Let go of the pain 

Don't forget your abilities 

Because of an undenying feeling 

Fear, Fear, Fear 

It comes often, but don't hit as hard as the rain 

Stand up, be bold

Don't shiver yourself like you caught cold

Remeber don't put your dreams on hold 

Because Fear is taking over 

That's not possible when you got the keys 

and Fear is just the push over

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