Love Through the Window of Childhood

Butterflies as abundant as grandma's kisses

Heartaches that sting of of scraped knees

Stomach somersaults reminiscent of playful childhood days

Rehearsed lies recited from school plays


Blushed cheeks as red as popsicle stained teeth

Anger in need of a tantrum timeout

Stuttering words return to moments of reprimanding

Trust as dead as fairytales


Happiness as big as teeth-less smiles

Deceit masked in a costume tricking and treating  

Heart races parallel to the days of who's fastest

Tattooed tears taint cheeks in remembrance of playground bullies


Crayoned smiles crafted brightly from a coloring book

Nerves as frantic as a sugar rush

Laughter as sweet as bedtimes stories

Sadness looming into the night keeping the monsters under the bed company




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