What went wrong??

Breathe in

Breathe out

Close your eyes and just imagine…

What is wrong?






I don’t know what to write.

But would they like to know what’s happening inside?




meaningless words

unuttered ones

or others spoken by the fake ME.


Every minute is repeated,

everything you do is a habit.


I daily curse.

You constantly want to change.

He leads a life full of dreams,

detached from reality and

sometimes he even pretends to live in them?

She is lying on the bed

waiting for the last trace of life to be erased.

It is sold and violently removed.

We are unemployed.

You are immersed in your depressed thoughts and

They get drown in the dark, inhospitable sea.


A little kid is starving,

a decent old man is begging,

my grandpa is dead and

she is auctioning her body for crumbs.


No peace.

No stimuli.

No company.


I want a person to worship me.

Where can I find one?


A reflection of hope in the mirror of despair

is vanishing.

Help but

none is there to offer a hand of salvation.


It is true what they say:

When you are empty

expelling water from your body is


you can do.








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