Streaking flames, burning embers-

Why can’t anything be forever?

When the reaper demands his due,

And time bids adieu.


I stand upon the abyss

Craving desolate bliss,

And with tears brewing

I bid adieu.


The bitter poison of heartbreak

The shattering din.

Being forced to face the grey wake.

To forsake all my sin.


And yet, I remain

Staring into the cave.

Is this how I must end my campaign,

Forced to become a desolate slave.


To submit to the trifles,

To bow before my audience.

To willingly stand before rifles-

Manned by hoary masses.


Forsake honeyed wines

Eat clay, and dust.

Severe grape vines-

To be scattered by others lust.


No, I refuse.


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Our world
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