Red, white, and blue

What does that mean to you?

To you red might symbolize love

But to me red symbolizes the blood

Gushing out of those who were murdered and killed

White might signify the purity in the world

But to me it signifies the unity between humans in tragedy

Blue might stand for loyalty and trust

But to me it stands for the officers who shoot and kill unarmed African Americans

Hands in the air

Please don’t shoot

These are the things that too many African Americans go through

Breathing, breathing, breathing, tears

Living in fear

Fearing for my future

Fearing for my life

Fearing for everything
African, Black, Female, Muslim
Before getting to know me
People judge me
They see me as being uncivilized
They see me as a weak person
They see me as being unintelligent
They see me as being oppressed
They see me as a terrorist
What they don't see is a 16 year old who loves to laugh
Who loves to mingle with others
A person who would do anything to make others feel good
What they don't see is a person
A human being

Hoping it's going to be alright

This is the life

We are gonna fight

We are gonna make everything all right

This is definitely not right

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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