The ‘Is’ of Identification

Love washes over you like first summer rain.
Love isn’t weighed down by the worry of being late four minutes.
Love is safe.
Love is having the whole world in all its enormity
In one entity.
Love is reassurance when you’re scared to get out of that space everyone else calls your comfort zone.
Love can’t survive on its own,
Its companions trust, patience and communication.

Love can becomes so full
That even when there are no words
There are hands to hold
Arms to embrace
Who will love your tear streaked face
So much that it’ll scare you.

Love is vulnerable.
But remember love is safe?
Which means nothing can chase
Away love’s urge to make you smile.

Love is fast.
There’s so much time left to go,
Love is fast.
You can’t remember how this much time has past.
A Love like this is endless.


Love doesn’t make you feel small.

As if you weren’t enough to begin with.

Striving to be an ever changing vision of perfect.

Love isn't forceful,

It’s not running at too fast a pace

Where your body is taking up too much space

For air to circulate.

All the while bearing a brave face.

Love isn’t in the shadows.

It doesn’t hide

Never whispers.


Love isn’t selfish.

Leaving one person empty

And another whole.

Love doesn’t change you.

The gaps that were once holes

Get confidence to rise to their potential.

Not cower away.


Love isn't material.

Not everything that glitters is gold.

And everything that glitters isn’t love.


Love is all encompassing.

Takes the good and the bad.

Love makes you grow.

Love will always want you to know.

Doesn’t deplete the trust rations you had.

Love is all encompassing.


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