I am...

I am, the most complex symphony

at long last composed of by some of the most esteemed

and baffled composers.

I am the creativity that saunters and whimsically inhabits our surroundings

But in a secretive manner in fear of being discovered by an impending aggressor.

I am the tears dried in crystalized streaks of salt

that once cascaded my epidermis. 

Watering my dehydrated and agonizing troubles and pains.

I am the perpetuating shouts that were birthed and produced, to be

thrown and to anhilate any neighboring village of peace and sanity.

The sorts that reverberate off of the walls and eventually become consumed

by the walls and by physics,

yet take a residual shelter in my sanity.

I am the frail efforts to succeed at whatever quest is thrown my way

yet in a floundering demeanor, I realize my foes and family have been wrong

all along. 

I am strong. I am fearless. I am invincible.

I am the persistant breeze that bangs against your window of rejection.

I am the declarations of thousands of opporessed who gather together in unity.

I am the song you can never release from your head,

because I am never going away.

I am the hard wooden floors that became my sanctuaries over countless nights

of tear stained memories and dire realizations. 

But those tears have dried, the memories of the hurtful screams are beginning 

to fade.

I am determined. I am brave. I am not willing to conform.

I am unique. I am odd. I am peculiar. 

I am loving. I am outwardly creative.

I am Amanda R. Nelson.

I am, me.


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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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