Oh, say can you see by the blood that rains down on our freedom But can you really see through the red tears on your face or are you lying to me Again, I am going to ask you if you can hear freedom, the bells ringing through your head Can you see freedom, it has been shot down and it is crashing down towards the ground Can I see freedom, I see it is not quite working with everyone  Some people enjoy doing small things for others and spending much for themselves While others pay a huge price because of others while they gain little for themselves Can they see freedom, but watching ourselves watch ourselves I hear the sound of waves coming down on our feet, I see the ground is shaking in front of us It is breaking everybody apart, our joined hands have been to fall apart, it is taking all our faith away Oh, say can you see our sisters being shot down, oh can you hear the screams of our brothers Oh, say can you smell the blood pouring down on that strange fruitAnd can you hear the cries on that gentle southern breeze


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My country
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