I'm for Ûbuntu
I'm for us
I stand for I'm for we are
The collective responsibility

You're for Ûmuntu
You're for you
You stand for man for himself
The individualistic sense entity

I feel for the boy sleeping hungry-
In Turkana, Baringo and rift valley
Even if she ain't of my ancestry

You're insensitive of the girl at the edge-
Of fgm knife at Narok; it's none of your business you say
For you are Ûmuntu

I clamor for justice for the marginalised
The luo in Nyalenda, Nubian in kibra, Taita in Taita Taveta; the luyha in Luanda
The landless in laikipia
- the houseless street child in Nyali
For I'm Ûbuntu

It doesn't matter they're oppressed
It ain't your business you say
It's their irresponsibility and lethargy you vehemently claim to all and sundry
The landless are careless about land you argue
For you are Ûmuntu

I refuse injustice when meanted on you
You keep off when I'm unfairly put on the guallatine
You claim the fault is all mine
I was my poor political position
Each phaelas on it's on dick you claim
For you are Ûmuntu

I feel we're interdependent
That which happens in Wuhan
SMH affects one in Sudan
That in Togo
Eats up one in Congo
I insist we're interdependent
You persist you're Ûbuntu

You claim I'm retrogressive
I judge you not
You claim I'm evil and meek
I say not a word
Because even for you I'm sensitive
- I indeed care
But would you teach me your art
- of ignoring other hearts in need
- the injustice of the oppressive
But you're Ûmuntu, I'm Ûbuntu


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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