You Treat Her Like Alcohol

you down bottles like you're going to find something special 

don’t act like you love her 

because if you did you’d be kissing her and not cigarette butts

you lied to everyone about being sick

but isn't it ironic that you downed bottles of lean every night

even though you had no cough

because in reality,

you were much sicker than you thought

and i don’t think you’ll ever understand that nothing you take is going to make you feel better than her

not ketamine, not bud, not alcohol, not X

danger never fails to pick you up

but you will never feel safe in its arms like you would in hers

why don’t you just give her a chance

i know you can’t find her under your bathroom sink like the inhalants from last weekend

but the high will be just as good

my god just give her a chance

one chance is all she needs for you to mend

why don't you understand she’s just as good as the drugs

the only difference is the high will never end


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