The Ticking Clock

I once had and enemy whose name was Fear.

In the concrete She nourished the tree of life,

ignating an ardent flame that is bound to bent towards the forbidden apple.

Time, I fear Time.

The one that heals broken hearts,

The one that's always right.

The one that just like the ocean will never be fully known.

The one who strengthens by breaking,

The one that does not own,

The one that can't be owned.

The one that's hated,

The one that's loved .

The one that quelled my arrogance,

The forbidden aple that I bit onto.

The one who poisoned my poison,

The one who I didn't trust.

The one who offered me His hand,

The one whjo colored the skies,

The one who traced his wisdom under my eyes.

The one who once brought rain,

And now rejuvinates my thirst for thunder. 

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