We are both strong

They say I'm the strong one because when we hold hands I cradle yours softly. I'm the strong one because I defend you, because I check your wounds and bandage thick cuts from work. They call me a flame, wild and free and fierce. They call you a river, stuck in one way, flowing, never changing. They say I'm strong because when you fall, I carry you and I kiss you much more than you kiss me. But what they don't understand is that I'm weak. You are strong because when we hold hands, you keep me steady and remind me of reality. You are strong because you fight off the monsters in my head, you kiss my scars and make me feel beautiful again. I call you my moon because you are steady and safe. You say I am your stars and despite it all I just want to say. You're strong for me and I'm strong for you. It's all because I love you too.

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