Feb. 11

The sunlight echoes across the room

in waves.

We said goodbye; they left down the callow way.

Later, after fizzy breath

and Valentine thoughts,

I’m told she’ll be alright.

Solace continues.

The sun drops into bittersweet horizons.

Shadows fall, and remain there still.

When the phone rings, you don’t expect

the pause

and a shuddered breath.

The man who doesn’t cry weeps.

Two boys confused, I hold them.

Feeling misplaced, I return to my thoughts, which only remove me further.

I was told

she’ll be alright.

It didn’t rain; the sky was clear

and that night, the stars were bright.

She is gone.

Two girls left alone.

The blue house was wrong and


No longer careless, emotion keeps me overtime.

A quiet darkness enters.

The night calls, and I can’t surrender.

In the morning, birds fly.

I remain in the windowless room, pleading with the dream to fade.

Nevertheless, the dream is tangible and

she is gone.


This poem is about: 
My family
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