Reflection of the Debilitating Will

I'm once again claimed, beauty has lifted the mist from my mirror 

In it I find a resounding reflection, 

I grasp us...take us in...take in us

Curves, and contours, age and worry, protruding from our face, from end

to end

You see for a period I had hid him

And I'd almost lost sight of who he truly looked like

I was becoming a painting of unwarranted emotions, that weren't my own

and it was a place where I lost what it meant to be 

a reflection of my own goodness

From beyond the glass he screamed,

He was stuck, he hungered for the whole

but I was holding to tight onto only half, 

and all for the jeers of the concensus, all to support the views of those

who didn't see themselves in a mirror

but you see on the outside I seemed happy

but it was love, that showed me that without my reflection

I am only a...I'm only...just a...just a...husk.

I looked in him and saw beyond

I saw tiredness but in the eyes invigoration

I saw refusal but I also saw forgiveness 

I saw the grotesque, but it held a beauty

I thought I saw in him sickness, but truthfully it was I who was

in bad health.






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