You Embezzled My Heart

Today I have come to you,
To tell you what is right,
Under this broad day light.

I have come to you,
Before the sun fully sprouts,
So that you won’t say I am drunk.

I have come to you
This morning before the sun is hot,
So that you won’t say I am dreaming.

I have come to you,
Before I talk to anybody else,
So that you won’t say
Somebody taught me words.

I have come to you,
Before I wash my face,
So that you won’t say,
The cold morning water,
Chilled my mouth to make words.

Look my blood is patrolling,
Every time in my veins,
Because you are my suspect.
You stole my heart on seeing you,

Last time we met at the well,
You grabbed my heart at once –
And yet you have felt no guilt about it.
I have come today,
To claim your arrest.

Come and see my nest;
Full of nobody apart from loneliness.
Does not a bird set up its own house
Using its own beak?
Does it call another man-bird to help him?
Did you ever see him go round for help?
I will die trying.

Come let us share my mat for a bed,
Come let us share a meal of my pot,
Come let us weed the coffee plant together,
Come let us peel banana fingers together,
OH! Come let us make love together.

Some people say I don’t have a good house,
They say I don’t have a good cloth,
They bleed words that that I am not handsome,
They g beating drums that my heart is blind,
They told my mother and father,
That I will never get a wife
Because they think I fear women.

Do you believe them my culprit?
Didn’t God say I am beautifully?
And wonderfully created?
Is it my clothing that you want?
Is it a house that you want?
Is it my heart’s blindness you want?
It is love that you want…………..)

Love is killing me –
Loneliness is burying me,
Your beauty is drowning me,
My thoughts are married to you,
Your love is all I need,
Loneliness should begin to flee,
Because it’s only you I need.

I am coming back on four legs,
To adore you,
To cry my love teats to before you,
To surrender myself a slave to love,
To request join my world,
To make me a complete man,
And make me proud again.
Do not leave me alone my queen,
I will always try to make my love keen,
Do not pass-by me in your dream,
Because I want to be part of your dream,
You know I am a great fool,
Only be my teacher,
For I will be a better learner.

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