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You get in my face, And all up in my space, To say you cannot breathe. But 6 feet underneath, Are those who succumbed 
Wear a mask today they say It will keep you safer they say A mask can prevent a virus spread they say 'They say a lot as that is what people  in power are supposed to say   I say, wear a mask or not
Does wearing a mask make you ill?Are you a social distancing hater?Just imagine how you'll feelBeing put on a ventilator. .© 2020 Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.  
I wear my mask not for me, but for you For your children For your parents and grandparents With their cancer, heart disease, and asthma I fear for their lives The sickness is brutal
Do you call out for help with your eyes Do your stone muscles relax Does your blood start to flow Do your eyes start to cry Do you take a break from being still to just breathe –             
There are some days, That I can hide it better than others.   Some days you can’t even tell, That it’s even there.   But it is
Shadows cover my face It’s no warm embrace In case you didn’t notice, I am not a pompous little lotus. I see what some cannot The hours passing through an empty lot This place is far from home
I can feel the pain sucking marrow from my bone leaving a blinding headache behind wishing for the pain to stop Yearning for the ache to fade Hoping for a moment of bliss To come and wrap me in a hug
My emotions belong in a cage, Eventually, slowly, hesitantly plotting a war to wage. If I ever let them show, let them out, they’ll raise hell, For the vultures, they ring the dinner bell,
A mask is what we wear. It hides our cheeks and shades our eyes. On the mask is a smile. Forced. Real. Unsure. Scared. Alone. Broken.
Blood drips onto the floor from the knives in my back Tears flood from my eyes as it all goes black I let people hurt me because I trust too much
Empty words on empty screens,  A silent generation screams Behind the masks of pleasant faces, Witty pictures, clever phrases,  We break, we cry, We sob, we fight, And segregated, rot and die,
A regular day filled with talking and laughing, joking and gossiping Always done with a fake grin plastered on Teens argue, insult, bully, tease, and intimidate But if anyone asks, life is great   
A mask they hide behind You notice the way they try to make themselves look small They try to close in on themselves You see, I only know this because when the world showed No mercy I did this
Some say I’m intelligent But I just feel irrelevant Some say I’m well-spoken But they haven’t seen the side of me still broken The broken side
I am not who I seemI am not a good thingI am million broken piecesI am an empty evil thingI am a wall built around myselfI am protecting the things hiddenI have a million different masks
Upright. Marionette smile plastered on a crumbling face But Still Upright.   Brain full of tears Dreams dashed to no more Doll parts scattered On The Dirty floor
You think I'm smart, I'm really not You think I'm brave, but no You think I'm upbeat, proud, happy, When I often succumb to the darkness inside of me Just because I like pink
I wear a mask. It’s my smile in the hallway. because while you think I’m flying high, really I'm  fading away.
There's a smile on your face But I know that you're in pain Your silent tears leave no trace But things just aren't quite the same, and   There's no reason for you to hide
I'm a crook A liar An imposter I am all these things    "An open book" A deceiver Supposedly a "believer" I'm as bad as a thief   Nobody know I am all these things 
This is me, who you see The mask I wear, the burden I bear The deceit that hides behind my lies The pain that shows within my eyes The tears that swell within my heart I don't want us to be apart
Everyday I wear a smile I go out into the sun and I shine right along with it I'm loud and exciting, like a one man circus I joke and I laugh with my friends I have fun and I enjoy myself, just like everyone else
A mask painted greenWhisked away by Autumns breezeNow the face appears
The numbness is growing, Or is it sadness instead, That will plague me until death. I feel so alone in this world Where my darkness descends. I feel forgotten  by my memories
In my face, I see a mask. A mask that sheilds. A mask that protects. Protection that show no one what lies beneath.   In my eyes, I see tears. Those that show sorrow,
MASK   the door shuts behind me   my truth sticks in my throat    here behind my walls i am real, i am broken, here behind my walls i struggle with feelings unspoken,    
Walls around my heart, Chains around my body   Keeping me stiff and without emotion Keeping me from letting anyone in   These walls I built a mile high inside me
Pass me by in the halls, I’ll give a smile and sweet hello. It just might lift your chin up off the ground. But see not past these smiles and sweet hellos, For there’s a reason why the truth isn’t always shown.
My face, distorted in the sun under my right eye a deep scar remembers the pain of abuse, and the tears he has left me inside I could not cry under this mask, yet I find another route
You are the Earth's most stunning mytery. Scientists have tried to figure you out. Under a shade you hide your history, Nobody seems to know what you're about.   I guess you think you're being humble,
He smiles in the crowd. The others are unaware. His insecurities are loud. But too much to bear. His sadness yet to be found. A cruel mask to wear. But Noone's around. Noone's here to care.
Conform they say You'll be just fine Hide the truth away It's only  a matter of time   Society has clipped my wings I can no longer fly No happiness this brings Some days I'd rather die
Your true self criesYou are deemed as a nobodyYou seem fearless but bravery liesYou seek approval to be a somebody.
I wear a mask on the hottest day, in the middle of winter. Everyday. I cannot go without my smiling mask. I bring it with me where ever I go. "Why?", some will ask. To hide a secret within.
I just want to be done.
The night is like a shining mask. Dark,mysterious, and full of lights. We both hear the howling wolves getting eager to be satisfied. A cricket in the dark brings comfort to the ears on a glooming night. Raw night just waiting to be heard.
Sometimes I see her. The girl inside. I see the way she watches me, begging me to let her out. But it has been too long, and she has been hurt so much, that I burried her too deep.   She cries a lot.
A facade. Gold plated, short lived.
Get all your ducklings in a row
I may appear unbroken and strong... I may appear with power and faith. I may show my love within a song. But my appearance is only a phase.   I cry and I weep like humans will do...
This is not my face. This is a façade I have worn this mask forever, so long I almost forget it's not really me But I am not alone in this We all hide ourselves at times I chose to hide forever
Behind the curtains of my eyes Hides a glare A stare A lie The carefully crafted façade The fragile, cheap disguise   Behind a mask lies another Feeble layer of an onion
Do you see me?
I'm growing up in a world where it's not cool to be cool Where it's hip to be hipster, an ever-changing rule Every day I come to school with a bag full of masks,
I’m sorry I cry. Please try to ignore it for now. And just know I’m sorry.   You’ve never seen this in me. To you, I am joy. Every day I bring the happiness and laughs people love.
Look, look at me  note what you see. A smile sweet,  Small blue eyes, Which cannot meet  Your steady gaze.   Do you, do you know My efforts to show Confidence?
Help me I'm Drowning In a Sea of  Misunderstanding and Shame.  No Boat on the Horizon. No Comraderie to Protect me. Isolations was not Lonely -- Was not Frightening until -- 
My voice has been undermined for so long, it's time to remi
If it isn’t my skin, then what shall it be? The two arms and legs that extend directly from me? That enable me to run past the wind, and jump the hurdles in front of me.
Oil perculates from the deep yellow skin, a false smile perfereates deep from within, the heart feels like this could be a sin, waiting for the alarm to go off so I could begin.  
Look at me behind my mask Look and see who I really am If looking could be made more than a task You’d see the mask was all a sham I built a wall and so did you We hid across the way
You see what she wants you to see But she's not who you want her to be Did you know she cries when you're not around Her thoughts have her drowned  The face you see is just a mask
Bleeding because it paints the pictures so heavily spilled in my mind. And seeing the crimson upon my skin Gives me pain that makes me real.   Crying because It makes me view
  I stand behind the mask of standard Afraid to show my true identity For if I do, it might unleash A sort of riot about the obscenity   Upon my naked thighs Lie scars of unnatural growth
Paper mask you fold so well No one can see your crinkles and wrinkles 
What is money without those you love Everyone wants grip allow me to be the glove You wonder why the stars get coked up While there are people struggling to get coated up
My motto is-
Looking through my perilous soul I see nothing but a toll Is this me I see in this photo Or just a way to fit in with a motto Nothing ever seems the same With filters getting all the fame
If I took off my mask You'd be afraid And I guarantee you'd run away Because I'm not like the girl you know I'm not quiet I speak my mind You can't convince me to believe what you believe
Corrosive stares deteriorate the fragile filter my fears create. This pseudo sense of normality, is a dam for my creative profligacy.   Beneath this exoskeleton of perfection
Want to hold your hand, It's right there for me to grab, I feel close to you, I'd hate to see you go, don't.     
Life is like a camera,
I was fifteen before I realized that no one could ever love me as much as I loved me And a revelation of poetic, creative, fertile ideas were released inside of me
Laughing Smileing Shy Sad Scared Angry
Family… The definition of it: is a group of persons who came from the same ancestor Sadly though no one wants a family anymore From the generation that has now been born
love is nothing to pease war is death to us all between god an angels the war is small to us love is all peace inposible war always untll we are dmned etween devils and god we're left for dust
Break away from everything. Are you aware of whom you are? Remember when you were little and you knew Exactly what you wanted in life?  
Silently angry of an arguab
Do you think she knows? The way she moves, Giggling-groveling-grooving She cares too much of who approves.   Do you think she knows? How she makes the world turn, Living-loving-leaping,
You wear a mask like me. We can both see it, But neither of us have the courage to say it. You always go above and beyond for me:    You sacrificed your time       To relieve my pain
  Alarm rings Phone shakes   Eyes open
The real me is like the real you. Sitting behind the scratched, glass pane         separating us, In our once a week, twenty-minute-monitored conversation. As we speak through the coils of a half-
People see her as a Greek piece of theatre Never showing her true identity Always hiding behind a mask She goes along telling my story But reality never comes out   At home, a different mask is put on
Cookie Cutter! Cookie Cutter! Everywhere I look, it’s Cookie Cutter! This color’s in. Those shoes are out.   I want to break the mold My desire is to be bold I long for individuality
I’m not who you think me to be; I’m not a sweet innocent girl, waiting or searching for love. I’m not a delicate little flower, waiting to bloom.  
People can be nervous about anything everyday. Some may be hesitant to try a foreign dish,
Walking thru those double doorsThe real me is at t
A friendly face, for friends and family, naive grins, boisterous laughs, plastered across their visage.    A familiar fellow, warm, kind, and blithe, never a stranger, or visitor,
Everyday you tell me
I no longer see myself as I gaze at my reflection; Instead there is someone disturbed, distressed, and decaying A skeleton girl;
I fight my way through your Loquacious verbiage And open facade Of a closed door, Searching for entry To your ego I give respect for your walls And take care To walk around,
Some people hide behind a curtain, But I wear a mask.  My mask needed no purchase,  It came with my costume of skin, and can not be recieved via pay pal nor cash. I wear this mask every day
     I screamed but only piercing silence was heard thus I took my seemingly rightful place as the invisible nerd.
A stream of red lies on the ground, with the sound of my heart pound, pound, pounding. I want you to hear it, but shards are in your ears,  the scratching against the walls sound like your worst fears.
You wonder why I wear a mask,
Smile, Laugh, Go Crazy You can cry when you get home Stop Talking, No ones listening You have no where to go
I chose to be in this world of dark and light. I chose to be hidden rrom my fears.   What people really see is the front that I put up What people really see is not the real me.  
So long, she's spent hiding, behind her velvet mask. Hiding herself from the judging eyes, Pretending to be someone, anyone else. She smiles, while everyone stares intently.
A mask, a guise A role to play Beneath them all A vast array Of people, thoughts, Of all clichés
In case you didn't know it I don't show it I have a mask of my own It doesn't cover up my face or my race but something of much more importance   Behind this mask is a person
Who says we have to hide? Required, we are not, but yet... In this chaos of life, It seems to come naturally. But hidden in the madness, We never notice who our friends are.
 Its monday morning, pull on the mask of mourning the perma-glue to hold it tight, the mask'll never fit just right it stains my hands, my hair, my face popularity is just a social race
Do I know what I'm talking about? Am I filling myself with self doubt? As I wonder around an empty loft I feel a phantom cough; I do not know who I am I do not know what's going on
This fear I feel is formed from my imagination.   Constantly contemplating where my life will be stationed.
Living under a facade is hard when it's all you've ever known.You trudge past the faces of todaywhile remembering the ones 
Bringing out laughter Is what I am after Audience laughters Brings out the clown The clown who cheers To those who frowns   On the clown A smile is painted Upon the face  
I’m dying on the inside And no one knows. My heart Beating a useless tone, My flaws laid out in front of me, As if all things will end eventually. Why do I bother?   No one can hear,
Theres an artist behind this Idiot Theres an Ocean beneath this pool and it's full of sharks I present a calm surface because no one can fathom the depth and once they stick a toe in and realize there is no bottom
I hide behind the Curtain but People can still see if they look hard They will find me   I hide behind the Curtain When I want them to know What is bothering me What hurts now   
My eyes tell a much different story than my heart In fact, I was never really me from the start I'm not free to show people who I really am But when it comes to what they think about me I don't give a damn  
My mom likes to  think I'm just like her That I love crowds of people and constant noise That I love calling all attention to myself And that I like conflict My mom thinks I hide my real self from the world
Every morning she stood in front of the mirror and was ashamed of what she saw She hated the kinks in her hair the sea faring bridges of her nose the fullness of her crimson lips So she sought refuge in makeup
With everywhere she's goes 
The pale ghost stares at the filthy mirror. He sees not himself; with that happy scowl and playful temperment. The pale ghost makes the suface clearer. He sees not himself, but his own warm disembodiment. 
Stress, sadness, fear,wory. I have a mask to cover   that up.  Boredom, anger, doubt, loneliness, confusion,    regret. I can hide it. There truly is no know emotion
The Mask   It is not a disguise, for I still portray myself.  It is not an excuse, it just contravenes empathy. 
Sometimes I care so much it hurts So I hide behind indifference for anesthesia I'm running from my inner demons It’s easier to use my sins as temporary amnesia   I wear my Scarlett letter like a mask
I wear a mask, thick as leather   Beneah the seams fear keeps the mask together     No scars lie behind this invisible shield   A single word is all that's concealed    
Why can't anyone see the me that is truly me? All they see is a mask That does the un me task the one that shows no fear the one who is not really here I wish to show you the me that is really me
She is so happy they say,That she is, but certainl
Used to being left alone, Watching the sand turn to stone,
Hush, it’s okay There’s no need to take a peek. What are you doing, trying to look in so deep? Do you wish to be clawed at, do you wish to be scorned?
I am a mask,So many think they know who I am,but they don't care to ask,Yes, they are content with my maskWho am I? One of many made to pleaseWho is me?
mask man   A mask man walking through life. he smirks at all of its strife. And some may ask why he smiles at lies.
She is a lovely little dancing dollTrapped inside this embellished music boxTwist and turn the dial to hear her call
Why do old women wear musky perfume?  They are not mothballs yet
They made me wear a mask when I was younger. Days went by and a new stitch was added to the mask. It was starting to fit my face perfectly. "Do this," they said. "Do that," they demanded.
Who’s that girl?   The one who always has her hand stretched up high in the air. Everyone knows that she has something to say, a comment, possible a question, or even a witty remark. She is so charismatic!  
You are A deep dark soul, But not an empty one. Deep in that darkness is a heart, Beating with Love and conpassion. Open up your heart, Let that part Thar wants to shine Shine.
I’m talking to you, And I see the weight fall off your shoulders and onto your face
The surface is shallow it doesn't reveal
Follow me into the depths if you can withstand the shark, This world placed spite in my heart, I’m bothered by light, So I’m comfortable in the dark, Individualistic by character,
Loud talks, hard stares, judging eyes; there's no where to turn.
How come everytime i turn around People are worried about others opinion? How come everytime i turn around People are dying Dying cuz they are scared to be themselves Scared cuz the world is soo cruel
Do you know what it’s like to fight to keep your tears from falling?
New places, new faces Same me. Same girl. The only difference is the new faces She sees look back at her With disdain. Disdain at the music she listened to The clothes she wore
She tried so hard to be different-- To be different is to matter--
Lo and behold, friends, my life dressed in gold,For nothing else does my glory justice:Here rooms of color, each so grandly bold,And marvelous! You'd swear't an angel's kiss.
The Endless Improv   Now you see me Now you don't
You hear my laugh, But there is a hollow ring. You see me smile, But there it's missing something. You feel my embrace, But there is hesitation. You never see me cry, This mask is my creation.
Sweet and kind outside Still sweet inside Stll lingering is a desire for solitude Behind My Hidden Mask Passion as an artist The thirst of a scholar The pen of a writer Behind my Hidden Mask
This is the land of make-believe,
Behind this mask, No one can tell, How I play this role so well,    Behind this mask, Things you would never believe, Stuff your eyes will never conceive,
This is my facade My mask, my security My assuracnce of no judgement I walk around, unhappy Not okay with who I really am I pretend to like guys, and only guys
I am a stranger in my own life I don't understand my friends nor do they understand me they may think they do they may think that  my laugh is genuine they may think that
Can you see her? Did you know?
*/ /*-->*/ The Difference of Me
Everyone knows, When they speak to me... Everyone knows My story. They know, They know, Of my travels Of my sexuality Of my hopes Of my abuse Of my greatest achievements
You may think I'm perfect without a scar imperfection or fear.  
I wish someone would ask why my mask is cracked I wish they would pry it away and find the scars under it I hide to expose the rotting peeling flesh of depression and the putrid green colouration of anxiety 
I am the intro-extrovert,
Were all crying. Were all crying becuase the daddi issues and crying becuase the definition of beauty does not start with ourselves and crying because our razors dont solve problems;
I made you believe me… You didn’t have a reason to doubt… Why would the first words I ever spoke to you Be a lie? It was psychotic.
We all wear  the mask but how long can it last? How long will it be before someone finds me out? Will it be after I graduate from college? Will I be discovered after I have my first born child?
I stroll down the streets of my town, through the hallways of my school, through the rooms of my house, And what do people see?
Look at me: You see an ordinay real person, A man of good wit and a little shy. Look within me:
Everyone wears a mask. It's as if we're all at a ball. Who are you really? I may never know.
Please. Please. Listen to me. I'm sorry, for lying--
Others think I'm strong. Others think I'm happy all year long.   The truth is hard to spill As it is what keeps me with good will.    Sometimes I wonder if I can trust a person
Do not be confused, who I am is what you see. But perhaps what's more confusing, is it really me? Everyone wears a mask. Some people, on their faces to hide their identity, but most on their hearts, hiding what they truly feel.
Do not look behind the curtain, or take off this mask. Do not look too deeply into these black eyes.
You can't know meYou don't see my every angleEven the pictures I’m inHide the heart behind the skin
You may think you know me. You see my smile,  the pep in my step, the flitter in my voice.   You may think you know me, but you only know my mask.   My mask is smiling,
"Being Human"   Being Human Means You Strive for Acceptance,
Being alone and often watching the blissful life of others, you often sit and contemplate, why am I drowning in my sorrow? why am I brimming with hate?   Is it because i'm not optimistic?
I'm standing here, lost among a masquerade Hiding behind my mask of secrets that I've made
The man behind the curtain, the face behind the mask.   One beautiful soul, behind a treacherous task.   A woman of inseurity, concentrating on what she lacks-  
Its funny that this Slam was chosen, I had written a litteral poem my freshman year literally called "The Mask" The mask is constructed To hide you away You appear happy You appear kind  
Does anyone remember when they were little, And they loved to play pretend? neither. But it seems that, As we grow older, Learn the twists and cavities Boroughed into our bodies
Everyday, every minute I hide behind the curtain. I mask my eyes with glasses to hide the emotions. I paint the mask on my face to cover the spots. I put on clothes to hide my body
A dirty house but not a home. Fighting, thieving, unfortunate parents. I'm embarrassed to call them my own. Ashamed of the walls, the scratches and the dents.
I’d rather wear the mask than listen to you laugh.   How does it feel? Bob Dylan asks.   The mask is fixed as wax figures trapped behind glass. But  
Each day I awake and am shortly greeted with my own reflection;
Honesty's the rarest rebel root A precious pearl in dark long harboring Whose maker groans and lifts to bring to fruit From murky waters cull hours laboring. 
Look at the BEAUTIFUL picture Soft colors that wam the SOUL Look DEEPER Behind the canvice is the TRUTH Behind the canvice where the SCARS on the heart MATCH the ones on my arms
What's a little white lie without a little fun Because 'Fun' is what life is about Nothing matters as long as you're having a good time I'll be a 'Her' instead of 'Me'
Confident, Shy which is the lie? What do they wish to see? Why can't they leave me be? Strong, Weak I can barely speak. What they see and what they know all of which is just a show.
There she stands, with her past far behind her. Yet so close it just reminds her. Memories of the mistakes and the bullies. The disability that has kept her.
I wear this mask obscuredly, I hide it best I can. For this mask is clear and transparent, I never did quite plan.
Hidden My faults buried beneath fabrications Below forged falsehoods I tell even to my own brain I don’t vision myself denier: my vain dishonesty’s not verbal
Forever I'll love you  All you ever said. 
I put up a front,  and i don't mean to be so blunt, but the curtain is for me. I can't look at society. 
I look at those with simpler minds
I write with a pen name. Like a child at play, I hide. No one can say my words are lame, If they don’t know I’m Jekyll, and they’re reading Hyde.   Never knowing that we are one.
Smile, they can't seeIt's they only way to prevent the painAs long as their smiles aren't fake
Who Is That Girl? If I asked different people what they thought about me they would all be different. 
I put on the cap and the uniform To please the people that give me money. I follow their rules with a synthetic smile To appease the ones I work for.   I complete the caustic piles of work
I can analyze the dichotomy Of good and evil Light and dark Life and death   Not one without the other The ying to the yang The extremes of both sides Cliches so easy to analyze  
I took a walk 
A person, full of pain and sorrow, a heart that is parted in the middle, held together with one thread of hope and faith…
The mask covered his imperfections. The mask hid his hatred with a smile.  The mask hid his corruption by showing him as just a city worker. The mask hid his evil tongue by showing him as a good man.
The smile she wears maybe a mask 
it's early.  my phone buzzes numbers at me and my mouth says, "get up get up get up," while my mind says stay here stay here stay here.
Sunlight brings about fake smiles, and energy. Moonlight brings out the true self. The one who cries themself to sleep. While the sun shines we all play the role, as an actor on a stage.
Rushing, always rushing, Really no time to look back for what you wish was coming. Movement, perpetual movement, Making steps towards the revolution.   "You're so strong," they always said,
I wear the mask that everyone wants to see, It changes constantly with every glance, Each one displaying different facets of who everyone sees me to be. Everyone has these masks we wear so willingly, some unknowingly.
look at me  my outfit is trendy and preppy my smile always reaches one ear to anther LOOK AT ME look at my shoes my hair,tied back high as the sky in a ponay tail
You're as clear as glass and the nastiest mess; You have different personalities and about thirty masks; You guide others throug the dungeon with nothing to see; You're heart's darker than ebony
Just like any other, I have secrets beneath my smilesA story untold that'll catch many by surprise
I stand here before you with a smile on my face trying to determine my place in this race for success.
Tired of all these surprises,
Pretending to be strong for everyone else, while collapsing everyday under the weight of my despair, too tired to fight off my demons that choke back my hope.
If I close my eyes, I can hear them The quiet mumbling of the crowd Voices mingling into one loud whisper
Life's Masquerade By: Linda Oostendorp  
What do you see when you look at me? Do you see someone who is happy as can be? Did you ever think that that's what I want you to see? In truth my feelings don't comply. I had learned the skill by being a spy.
Here I am, Just Another Walking around just like any other Bounded by the lies I'm told Growing sad, as I grow old   Here I am, Just Another Grasping words of big brother
scars are something i have plenty of, some are bigger than other but they're all caused from something i've once loved and mine are usually worse than anothers, all my scars tell a story
The darkest night hides a chilling truth, Invisble to even the most adept sleuth. Creaking, whining, shrieking, twining, Sneaking through the depths subliming, Reaching out to the gleaming sun,
Persona, the mind of the self, is perhaps what is least seen when we go to our daily bouts:                                              
All that glitters isn't gold And all that shimmers isn't diamond Just because you think you know me, Doesn't mean you really do. I can guarantee you that I'm not The person who you think I am,
Take these chains off my wrists, take them off my ankles. Take this mask off my face, take it off right now! These chains held me back! That mask held my face, held my true identity.
I laugh to hide the tears  I smile to mask the fear  I jump to hide how far i've sunk I dance to get just one more chance I wear a mask of what you want to see Laughing, smiling, jumping, and dancing me
My mask is on Almost all the time, To hide the face That is truly mine.   There are few I trust To see the real me, For if you knew You wouldn’t want to see.  
My words are weak, my mind is blurry and surviving isn't  enough.   What can you say to me? to feel Alive, to be Free, to stay in Peace, and to let Love be...   What will you see in me?
On my body there are scars Ugly, hideous scars These scars feel detached As if they are not mine But are simply leeches Unwilling to let go On my body there are scars
We wear the mask that hides who we are  It hides our highs and our lows This debt we pay to society With physical apperance  Picture perfect   Why should the world judge us?
I write to express what can't be said aloud  You see, to explain myself is quite a task For I fear the future of not being proud  So again I put on the mask This mask is simple yet draws a crowd 
How did you see me? Was it the color upon me? There is nothing different about this faceless creature So now I ask
None of us are what we seem to be; we have our scars. We carry secrets, pain, baggage, feelings, and thoughts That we keep hidden away from the unforgiving world.
You weren't suppose to see your unexpected timely arrival caught me by surprise and you weren't supposed to see The disappointment turn to happiness in my eyes the smile that belies my true emotions come to rise
Ugly, fat, oh the names I’ve been called. You ask if they bother me, I should say not at all. I should hide behind my smile and silently say, I am who I am and nothing can change me anyway.
When you see me you would think, There goes a strong young man. Never close to breaking him, He feels as much as a tin can. And if you asked me now, this is what I'd tell. I've never shed a tear
Time and time again we all come we all smile and grin cause isn't this a blast? we all come again and again every once in a while there is a "How've you been?" "Fine" "Better" and even "good"
You think you want to die, But you really just want to be saved. Do they ignore you when you cry? Do they see your inside is decayed?
Once again she stood, her mirror before, Scanning the work that need be done. 'Twas time again to rise and face yet Another day under the sun.
We wear the mask when we feel vicious. Sometimes, everyone is lugubrious. Satan wants us to feel alone, So on goes the mask so no one will know Our feelings of hurt and guilt.
Bravery, a concept of strange humanity Is it real, does it even pertain to me? Myth, legend, flaw of the human brain Something some feel is the need to gain.
New faces bring new thunderstorms The smell of fresh rain on pavement shows change in the air The lightning flashes a bright sky for a split second The moment rips away as thunder claps the same old darkness back
Behind this smile that you all see, their lies a girl who's trying to be. She puts up a front that seems so strong but on the inside she can't hold on for long.
Each tear- Another brick. Each scar- Another brick. Each day- Another brick. I opened my heart to you- Another wall entirely. Will you help me build it?
In the daylight, she puts her makeup on She walks out into the world with a smile on her face She wants everybody to believe that she’s okay She wants the world to think the best
What is ugly? One might ask, When appearance is nothing but a mask. Pretty features that work to hide One's true potential that lies inside
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