The Girl Inside

Sometimes I see her.

The girl inside.

I see the way she watches me, begging me to let her out.

But it has been too long, and she has been hurt so much, that I burried her too deep.


She cries a lot.

The girl inside.

She knows she has no friends. She knows how others look at her. 

But she still wants to see the sun. She still wants to be free.


She is scared a lot.

The girl inside.

So scared all the time. 

But when she is scared I fake a smile, and the world is never the wiser.


I did this for her.

The girl inside.

I burried her to protect her. She bruises too easily, and gets cut too deep, and takes too long to heal.

But she didn't want me to save her. She wanted to grow. But she is not the only one who is scared.


What will happen

To the girl inside?

If I let her out to play? I am scared for the girl inside. She is fragile and afraid.

But yet she is strong and wants to keep fighting. No matter how great the pain.


For now I hide her.

The girl inside.

I am the mask she wears. The shell people interact with. The smile upon her face.

But I don't know how long I can keep her in. She is strong-willed and wants to grow. Maybe it is I who fears the pain.


What will happen to me

When the girl inside

Finally breaks free? What happens to the act I have so carefully directed and devised? Will we fall apart? What about the life I have built for her?

Perhaps, she will finally have room to grow and blossom. Perhaps she will succeed.

But this is of no consequence. Soon she will break free. And then, I suppose, we will see.


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