Come Again

Sat, 06/01/2013 - 16:22 -- Myther

Time and time again
we all come
we all smile and grin
cause isn't this a blast?
we all come again and again
every once in a while
there is a "How've you been?"
"Fine" "Better" and even "good"
we all come again
because isn't this so much fun?
plaster on our faces
we come because we 'should'
and again we come
as if in some parade
cause isn't it just so much fun?
again we appear
masks in their places
hands spread out wide
but no touching or meaning
no minds unwound
as we all spin around
come again and again
to meet all the farces
see how we have fallen
out of the wish
to not see our disgraces
but still, though it all
the empty face
and echoing halls
don't we just have so much fun?


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