Do you call out for help with your eyes

Do your stone muscles relax

Does your blood start to flow

Do your eyes start to cry

Do you take a break from being still to just

breathe –             

when nobody is watching?


Did David feel shame in his handcrafted nakedness

Did Aphrodite lose her arms fighting for herself

Are there things about themselves that they wish to share with the eyes that pick apart the imperfections in their marble skin?

Their stone hearts beat – slow and steady –

When the overbearing lights go out

When the tourists go home.


You are marbled – swirling with generations of mineral tides

You are cold – waiting for warm contact of a human nature

You are still – longing for your sculptor to love you as you are

You are quiet – only you know what streams through the mind of a masterpiece

You are a statue – with eyes carved deep but don’t lack the ability to see.

Your material is of this of this earth – forced under fire and pressure

But your bodily form is forged by gods

Nothing less of divine.


Your stone-cold beauty is natural and uncontainable to this life.

Whether acid rain or accidental fall –

We all crack. We all crumble. We all break.

But pieces of you will remain together

You will remain.

In your tears –

In your blood –

In your own shame –

You shall remain

Until the end of time.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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