The Man in the Chrome Mask

I'm growing up in a world where it's not cool to be cool
Where it's hip to be hipster, an ever-changing rule
Every day I come to school with a bag full of masks,
Switch up which one I'm wearing between every class
Around some friends I play it cool
But not too cool or it's douchey
And then around all my teachers
I'm super shy and moody
But the real me is behind the mask the whole time
Been chilling here long enough, it's like I'm living a lie
I've been brought up to respect, might as well be denial
It's called mitigated speech, Malcolm Gladwell style
Most people don't know the real version of me
My filters are like mirrors, project what they want to see
I might come off as Superman, oh so high and flying
When I'm probably closer to L. Baum's Cowardly Lion
We all just trying to fit in, isn't that what I want?
If acceptance is the prize then we're all in the hunt
College is my biggest goal but I could do without the pressure
I'm in the search for Mrs. Right if I'm lucky I can catch her
I'm a different kid than I'm perceived as 
I'm an author, a guitarist
I'm a runner and a leader 
Aspiring to make it farthest
I work out every day
And build models on the weekends
Who cares if it seems nerdy
I do it all for a reason
I really want to go to college
Become a doctor or an architect
For now I'll focus on getting there
And not worry about what happens next
Imagination's in my nature, just finished writing a story
I write 'cause it's fun and it never gets boring 
If I turned off the filters in every selfie I take
I'd be holding a pen instead of flexing with weights
If I'm worried about what they think then where's the room for me?
I'm the one who has to live with me for all eternity
It's time I burn the masks and let the real me shine through
One day I'll look back and say, "You were the best version of you"
I'm the best me that I could hope to be
And I can say with authenticity
That once I get out and break free
The sky's the limit for what I could be
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