On my body there are scars

Ugly, hideous scars

These scars feel detached

As if they are not mine

But are simply leeches

Unwilling to let go

On my body there are scars

Noticeable, undeniable scars

My scars do not see the light of day

They stay hidden away

Longing for the day

The day that my eyes and heart do not see scars

But see strength

No light, only darkness

No one must know of my scars

On my body there are scars

Hurtful, painstaking scars

Because before they were scars

There was blood and bruises

Medication and injections

Numbing and lasers

Sadness and tears

But sometimes God

Our Body

Whoever, does not want us to forget what we went through

And leaves us with scars

On my body there are scars

Barrier, life-changing scars

With these scars I am a different me than I could be

Is it for the better?

I am more timid, self-conscious, and sad

There is no parties, boyfriends, or dances

I hid

Behind scarves, t-shirts, and sweatshirts

On my body there are scars

Scars that I wish I would see differently

Scars that represent what I went through

And how far I have come

They show my desire to live and be healthy

How my body healed itself after all the terror

On my body there are scars

And for now

Only I know what they mean



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