Confidence vs. Cockyness


Walking thru those double doors
The real me is at the crib
I attend a school that ask for much more that I can give 
Surrounded by intelligence
To girls that's just embellishment
So I stay conservative to avoid all embarrassment
Because any good accomplishments I have just seems irrelevant.

In the bigger picture, I remember back in middle school
If you made the honor roll you was the coolest dude
Now? I just increase and achieve in peace
I feel like I can just eat 
and eat
and eat
and still be one of the smallest in sea

Either way, this isn't me.
Confidence stays confidential once I'm locked inside those doors and windows
Afraid of telling anyone my grades because I hate to be in second place
So I just stay in my space, do my work and write verses
Trying to convince myself that boasting about my improvements isn't worth it
Cause if I ask and feel embarrassed?
I'm going to feel like I deserved it

Somewhere between confident and cocky
You're gonna find me, racking up awards and still doing it quietly
I want to be open with others, I hate being second
So even without a question, I wear mask for the protection


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