When The Mask Is Off


United States
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This mask of gems encased in fool's gold

only shields the flaws and insecurities.

My self-expression and true self sold

for fear of people knowing my impurities.


I muster my deepest laughter and smile

and hope they do not do an inspection.

I am forced to resort to such guile

this I do so that I can avoid rejection,


Yet if for a second I took off this mask,

all pretenses and facades would fade away.

And for that moment, at least I could bask

in my glory, unburdened of my lies' weight.



My smile easily cracked by a simple tap

and tears endlessly flowing like a stream.

Left to place my clenched fists in my lap

“I’M NOT PERFECT!” I want to scream.



These acts of kindness that I perform

are because dejection is an old friend.

For me to atone, let me keep you warm.

with my hugs broken spirits I can mend


My compassion remains hidden for

fear people will see it as weakness.

I embody many traits at my core

But one of them is not meekness.


A lifelong dedication to give a voice

to those whose cries are never heard.

That is why it I make the choice

to take off the mask and be a bird.

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