Clear as Crystal Mask


I wear this mask obscuredly, I hide it best I can.

For this mask is clear and transparent, I never did quite plan.

Those around me are maskless, free of this terrible weight.

Unaware of what I do, to appear so plain and great.

It's wrapped around me tightly, it never did will let go.

I worry every day, for others see as foe.

It's clear and yet I feel it, gripped and snagged in place.

Others see nothing and think it's fine, but that's hardly the case.

I see others wear this mask, they're tortured day in and out.

I know it will come out eventually, and all I do is shout.

And then the day came.  My mask was finally seen.

My mask was vivid and clear, with the most blinding sheen.

I wear this mask visibly, I show it best I can.

For this mask is bright and cheerful, I never did quite plan.


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