The Pretending Exile


United States
39° 56' 14.226" N, 75° 15' 55.4616" W
United States
39° 56' 14.226" N, 75° 15' 55.4616" W

Look at me:

You see an ordinay real person,

A man of good wit and a little shy.

Look within me:

Here is Job,

Afflicted with sores on his soul, wanting to go Home,

Leaving hell behind.

I know so much yet no so little.

You think I am smart?

Yet I doubt you think at all.

Maybe you do not exist,

Myth of my mind.

I know nothing yet know too much,

And this separation from the ALL has alienated me from the universe.

You see a happy man,

Living my life oblivious as the world.

Let me say this:

I see good in all that is,

Yet it is evil.

I an ego and a self-afflicting shadow.

I see what I cannot see.

You don't understand what I am trying to say?

Maybe it's not the poetry?

Maybe it's the mask,

Covering my misery,

And maybe it's you,

Stuck in your vain opinions,

Still believing in the dream you have been stuck in for 4.5 billion years.

Wake up, Neo!

Your conditioning has you.



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