Screaming Silence


     I screamed but only piercing silence was heard thus I took my seemingly rightful place as the invisible nerd. I remained behind a curtain that shielded me from rejection, though all I ever wanted was to be treated with affection. The facade I hid behind was the appearance of perfection and prestige, when in reality it was something I only yearned to achieve. I pretended to have my life under control, but really I felt trapped in a crumbling, dark hole. One of my deepest fears is for someone whom I deeply admire to pull back my curtain and be disappointed with what I aspire. I refrain from unveiling my quirks and ambitions due to my fear of misinterpreted cognition. Sometimes I wonder who would stay and pursue....if the curtain fell down would they all eschew? I am only a girl who wants to live full of light therefore I must release my death grip on the curtain and lay down the fight. In doing this I gave my once silent screams a sound, and now with the curtain at my feet I am no longer bound!


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