In These Halls

I took a walk 
Around the school 
There are so many faces 
And so many of them painted 

Half of the students 
Are going crazy 
Due to personal 
And school issues 

The beautiful girl
With those gorgeous eyes 
Spends nights crying 
Because of her insecurities 

The jock 
Who seems to have it all together 
Deals with his dad forcing him to do sports 
And has no way of getting out of it

The alternative girl 
May act like a girl who goes with the wind 
But spends all hours of the night
Drawing pictures on her pale skin 
Cause she feels alone 

The geeky guy 
Who seems to be so smart 
Spends alot of his money 
To gain multiple blunts 

The shy, sweet, and innocent girl
Who is always there for others
Is struggling to find a reason to still believein love 
Cause she was too nice 
and he took advantage of her . 

The quiet guy 
Who never speaks
Has so much to tell the world 
But is insecure that no one will like his ideas

All of this i saw 
And had to embrace 
That school today is no longer safe
And that the kids are dying instead of living 

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