Some Days it Shows

Tue, 03/19/2019 - 16:19 -- hhlavka

There are some days,

That I can hide it better than others.


Some days you can’t even tell,

That it’s even there.


But it is

It always is.


The darkness and sadness,

It hides inside me.


Somedays it pretends

To stay away for a while.


Other days it shows,

And rears its ugly face.


It’s my depression,

It’s not really a part of me I guess.


But it’s still there.

It always is.


I can’t magically get rid of it,

No matter how hard I try to.


It’s stuck to me like glue,

But some days I’m better at keeping it hidden.


Some days I can smile and laugh,

And pretend it doesn’t exist.


But it’s always there,

The little ache in my chest,

That I call Depression.


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