Pretty Skies and Teary Eyes

I just want to be done.
Done with the feeling that no one cares.
What is it about me that makes them run?
I just can't stop these tears.
When I'm not crying on the outside,
my heart is in constant pain.
It's not like I haven't tried
to move on, but it's all been in vain.
...but I do.
I try my hardest
to make them feel better
even when I'm at my darkest,
but they don't try, not even one letter.
The skies outside are so pretty
but the cloud above my head still pours.
I don't even get their pity.
I just want to be yours.
I say I'm fine whenever they ask,
but to be honest I'm just tired.
Tired of putting on this mask
everyday to maybe be admired.
As soon as I show my true face
they suddenly don't care.
It's like I'm my own race
with the torture I bare.
He just doesn't care,
but I still foolishly do.
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Brianna AM

That was a beautiful poem. I feel the same way more than i'd like to admit, but if you look closely enough or think hard enough, there's sure to be someone who comes to mind that you know cares about you. Whenever you feel like crying just think of everyone who loves you. That's what i do. It works for me. Best wishes.

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