If I took off my mask...

If I took off my mask

You'd be afraid

And I guarantee you'd run away

Because I'm not like the girl you know

I'm not quiet

I speak my mind

You can't convince me to believe what you believe

And that scares you

I'm not weak

I'm strong

You can't win me over with force

And that scares you

I can't be pressured

I only do things I want to do

I'll never follow you blindly off a cliff

And that scares you

So if I took off my mask

Showed you who I am without any filters

I'd be your worst nightmare

A real person

With real beliefs

Who doesn't pretend to be anything I'm not

If I took off my mask

Society would no longer have a hold on me

I wouldn't need to post pictures to be seen

I would be free

The most authentic version of me




Wow this is amazing I'm glad you are your own person that stands up keep writing

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