Sun, 06/09/2013 - 18:34 -- cbradsh


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You weren't suppose to see
your unexpected timely arrival caught me by surprise
and you weren't supposed to see
The disappointment turn to happiness in my eyes
the smile that belies
my true emotions come to rise
you weren't suppose to see it!
That moment of crestfallen insecurity
Turned to a blaze of love
In the instant you called my name
The raw emotion of my face
From sadness to Christmas morning
From death to new day dawning
All in the space of a single
When i realized your presence
As you called out to me
What can I say besides
Your weren't suppose to see
That small child that resides in side
Placing all hope to bet against the odds
That moment the child realizes shes won that jackpot
Just because you're there
When you weren't expected to be
You weren't,
To see
My heart


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