What They Fear


I am a quiet girl, the age of seventeen

In the presence of others, I put on a shy and quiet persona

The real me, I know they don’t accept

The real me, they CAN’T accept

They are afraid, they don’t understand

They don’t want to know me

Outside, I am a shy, quiet and nervous young lady

On the inside, I am a beautiful, fabulous and wonderful freak

I am a geek, an avid World of Warcraft player

I normally find solace in the ever roaming and expanding imaginarium that is my heart

I smile, laugh, and cry like any normal person

I am what they believe is a quiet girl, the age of seventeen

But in reality, the reality they don’t want to see

I am a beautiful, fabulous, and wonderful freak

And I know, deep down

They fear the real me


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