This is not my face.

This is a façade

I have worn this mask forever, so long I almost forget it's not really me

But I am not alone in this

We all hide ourselves at times

I chose to hide forever

I have spent years building up walls to surround my feelings

I heard if you distance yourself you cannot get hurt

So, I fled my own feelings

Locked up my own heart & swallowed the key

You dared me to become someone I could never be: real

To strip away a mask and expose the true me

I was afraid, really

When you release yourself people judge

What if they hated me?

I told myself I didn’t care

I lied.

I have not cried since I was six years old

I have spent years laughing in silence

I have never loved and maybe that’s why I feel so empty

This ended yesterday.

Today, I will fling myself at the world

Laugh so hard I cry

And I will let you in.

I do not expect you to love me because I am perfect, but to love me in spite of my imperfections.

So I bare my face to you. I bare my heart to you. And finally, I bare my soul to you.

No filter.

Take me as I am.

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OMG! someone has actually read & commented on my poem & they think it's dope!!! Lol, thanks, thanks,thanks!


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