The Collector of the Rain

Into the night I walk, the rain my only friend

Alone with my thoughts, wondering how I reached another dead end

I feel myself fading my impermanence is apparent

Can you see through me? I’m practically transparent


Can you see through the mask I wear?

Did you even know that one was there?

Sometimes it even surprises me that there is one there, the act is so real

Who could have believed that I can actually feel?


I mean all the world’s  a stage after all

Haven’t you realized that only you can catch yourself when you fall?

I’d rather walk into the darkness than just another false light

However that doesn’t mean I have stage fright


I don’t need saving, don’t worry the play will go on

So many scenes of broken dreams foregone

Allow me to carve a smile into my mask, so that you know everything is okay

I’ll keep my heart in a box, and put it somewhere far away


Don’t go looking it for it, because you don’t have the key

Trust me you're wasting your time, I keep here with me

I can’t allow you to open it, otherwise the smile I wear will be no more

I’m begging you, don’t go further, or you’ll see what I was like before


You’ll just unleash a storm that will rage out of control

My heart is at the center of a black hole

That was no accident, that is just where it belongs

Out of reach, and out of sight, where it won't suffer any wrongs


Are you happy now? My heart is out in plain sight.

You really must have wanted it, to have put up such a fight

Can I trust you? Please don’t drop it.

Don’t try to love me, I’m unfit


You see those nine scars on my heart?

Each one of them tore me apart

I had to lock it away so I could piece back together

Although some of the pieces are still missing, probably lost to the bad weather


Why are you still trying to get closer? Please stay back, you’ll just be another scar.

That is always the way it has been so far.

Why would you be any different? People just come and go

Why do you want to love a heart that is as cold as the snow?


You know all this and yet you come closer, why?

A ray of sunlight bursts through the sky.

What is  this? Is that the sun?

The darkness over the sky has faded, the storm has been undone.


How is that possible? Its been raining for so long.

Wait. Are you telling me you had it all along?

The other pieces! They are in your hand!

I thought they were scattered, lost to the land!


I guess I didn’t need my mask to smile

I just needed to wait for someone worthwhile


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