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Once again she stood, her mirror before,
Scanning the work that need be done.
'Twas time again to rise and face yet
Another day under the sun.

She washed her face of the remaining tears
That the night before she had cried.
Frustrated, hair she so longed to pull out
She ever so patiently tied.

Also again, she tightened the bandage
That for so long now she had worn
To hide those small, scarred pieces of heart
A friend had so carelessly torn.

All the tattered rags of sorrow and pain
She covered over; a costume of joy.
A shawl hid arms that so yearned to be held
But rejected, by both girl and boy.

Finally powder, paints, and colored paste
Were used for the challenging task:
Hide the face that many had turned and slapped;
She began to paint up her mask.

To cover the cheeks that burned red with shame
Or anger, took quite a while.
The lips that were bit to keep an ill word
From escaping, painted o'er a smile.

She stepped back and silently checked herself.
She looked like she could be respected.
The deep pain that she hid, the sorrow she bore
Indeed, nobody suspected.

How happy was she! Nobody could see
Just how well she had done her tast.
What lay benath - all that sorrow and grief -
Was safe, hidden under the mask.

But deep in her heart, she wished someone would care
To take the time, ask, and look under there.


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