De-mask the de-masker


United States

My motto is-

What you see is what you get.
That face on the screen?
It's the same face as the one you see in person
I'm not the type to edit
I'm not the type to crop
I don't care what people think and I really hate to shop
I say what's on my mind
I don't think before I talk
I hate when people fake things
And think we all should walk the walk
I wish I could take off everyone's masks
But doing that can seem an impossible task


However, I do have a mask when it comes to some things
I know I come off as harsh, but that's really not the case
I have compassion and I care
I cry when others are hurting and when life is just not fair
I have struggles of my own
I act like I can do it by myself because I am so strong
But when we really hit the truth, it is clear that I am wrong


If we all were just honest with eachother
This would be a great place to be
So much less judgement, so much less hidden pain
Enemies turned into brothers 


Pointing out the edits, slamming people's fliters... Instead of taking off everyone else's masks, let's take off our own.






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