Your true self cries
You are deemed as a nobody
You seem fearless but bravery lies
You seek approval to be a somebody.

But who are you if you're someone false?
Doing silly tricks to impress everyone but yourself
That's foolish, but can you dance your lie's waltz?
Trust me, I tried it myself.

All dressed up at the masquerade
A perfect way to hide
But do you really fit in your peers' parade
When you push your real self aside?

The music fulls the grand hall
But all you hear is everything they've called you before
"Fat, ugly, short, awkward, stupid, small"
Their words seem to shake you at the core. 

How long can you last at this ridiculous dance?
Are you willing to let their words haunt you
So you can be trapped in an accepted trance?
Do you accept you too?

Masquerades are not reality
Darling, remove your mask
Show people your real personality
It is a hard, but not impossible, task.

When dancing for so long hurt my feet
I stopped and took off pretend face.
It was me I wanted people to meet
But I didn't want them to know me in this place.

So I left the masquerade forever
I wanted to stop hiding, faking, and hurting
I could be myself today, tomorrow, whenever
Because I didn't try impressing

The people would couldn't accept me.
I found happiness by unmasking
Now, if you're still dancing the waltz, be who you want to be
There's no reason for anymore acting.


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