Beautiful Mask


United States
37° 15' 30.1392" N, 121° 55' 7.9176" W

What is ugly? One might ask,
When appearance is nothing but a mask.
Pretty features that work to hide
One's true potential that lies inside

Yellow teeth and a crooked nose,
Tattered rags that are worn for clothes.
Greasy hair rests upon a shoulder,
Winds cut like knives and make life colder.

Pretty people pass on by
Shouting, "Get a job! Can you believe this guy?"
When all this man really wants to do
Is just live life like me and you.

Although he may not look the same,
It gives no reason to put him to shame.
For if inside were switched with out,
The world would be uglier without a doubt.

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Fantastic message, society is really screwed up this way.

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