Hidden Pain


The darkest night hides a chilling truth,

Invisble to even the most adept sleuth.

Creaking, whining, shrieking, twining,

Sneaking through the depths subliming,

Reaching out to the gleaming sun,

Only to wisp away, to quirk and run.

Buried deep beneath the shadow of a doubt,

A fear so real, one cannot live without.

Gnawing at the very soul,

Tearing apart the strongest core, thrusting in the heavy toll.

Shoulders droop with pain and burden,

Shrouded in mystery like a pitch black curtain.

A spurious smile from day to day,

A broken stride to lead the way.

Supressing the feelings of grief and fear,

Confidence failing with every tear.

Repressed in silence for way too long,

And not one person knows there is a single thing wrong. 

Poetry Slam: 


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

its not good to hide

because if you don't address the problem

its going to affect you in the long run

this can be the beginning to help by writing about it

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