Painted Smile

Sat, 11/08/2014 - 00:43 -- Tcsen

Bringing out laughter

Is what I am after

Audience laughters

Brings out the clown

The clown who cheers

To those who frowns


On the clown

A smile is painted

Upon the face


Hiding layers underneath

For a girl who

Breaks under little

Meaningless words

Wanting to take back

The white lies that spills

Out of her lips


On the girl

A frown takes place

Upon her face


A clown is just a face

Written with my name

Where a girl

Has so much to aim

Yet these expectations

Is holding her back


For her world revolves

Around her loved ones

She is a loyal yet lazy

Girl who dreams for the best

And expects the worst


On the clown

A smile is painted

On the girl's face



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