Used to being left alone,

Watching the sand turn to stone,

No words, no whispers, mood, or tone,

The only word that describes me is forlorn...


Family walks away,

My friends become a stray,

The Nile River in my way,

Feeling like life is on its way...


Alone and ashamed,

Ashamed of myself,

I tried to change, but I remained,

To be my forlorn self...


Society, its killing me,

Along with the cold world,

No one ever seems to worry,

About this poor, forlorn girl...


Just me against them all,

Snickers and giggles as I fall…

Being blocked by this brick wall,


Feeling unlike you all…


 Feeling unwelcomed,

Like an outcast,

Or an orphan,

Wondering how long this’ll last…


Pain and sorrow,

It’s what I feel inside…

Waiting until tomorrow,

For you to even notice, with both sides opened wide.



I wish you knew,

I wish all of you knew,

That I was lonely,

That I wanted you, too…


Waiting to be remembered,

No insulted, or feeling misplaced,

Not to have tears rolling down my face,

The dried tears to be traced…


Take this seriously,

For this is how I feel in this cruel world,

I beg of you…really

Pray for this forlorn girl…

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