Wed, 09/24/2014 - 10:55 -- Brilamz

I am a stranger

in my own life

I don't understand my friends

nor do they understand me

they may think they do

they may think that 

my laugh is genuine

they may think that

I love their music

they don't know me

at all

The boy that likes me

knows not one thing about me

past the sixth grade

my mom sees me

through her own tinted glasses

that I can't begin to comprehend

my brother only knows the me

that I like to expose

determined athlete


putting on a show

I hate to think

what my dad read

he's one of the few

who knows whats in my head

my ex is confused

all of this is news

to him

he thought

Only he went to dark places

I guess I'm really good

at hiding behind faces.


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