Hiding my Critical Stare


My faults buried beneath fabrications

Below forged falsehoods I tell even to my own brain

I don’t vision myself denier: my vain dishonesty’s not verbal

Motions won’t mimic my emotions, my mouth betrays meaning

I try to be genuine        I try to be sincere        I try to be authentic

Tries are traps                  Do not dictate                  What we want

Tied up tongue                     Averted eye                     Lowered limb

Cannot commit                 Sinning or lying                 Only omitting

Nobody ever knows      That I think or that      I don’t judge gently

I am not compassionate in calm yet crude condemnation of others

Though I might seem meek or modest, my mind is merely arrogant

Can’t compliment to cover it         Still I scant speak it to anyone

No façade for faking                               But a front for my face

No glowing glitter                                          No glistening gold

Plain white plastic                              Perhaps paper bag

I won’t waste care for what’s seen when you watch

Long as your look loses what’s mine

My critical judging stare

Pointed at you


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