Hidden Truth

Tue, 06/04/2013 - 22:53 -- megzy17


United States
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Ugly, fat, oh the names I’ve been called.

You ask if they bother me, I should say not at all.

I should hide behind my smile and silently say,

I am who I am and nothing can change me anyway.

But that would be a lie, so let me start anew,

My smile was lost to the pain caused by you.

My happiness slowly faded until it was gone,

So I hid who I was and put an act on.

I formed a mask over my hurt and tears,

It’s the mask you’ve seen smiling for the past few years.

But once my mask was in place, I finally saw,

Masks all around and it struck me with awe.

Every person in the world has a mask of their own.

They wear it with people or sometimes when they're alone.

So now that I know the hidden truth, allow me to ask,

What is it that you hide behind your mask?


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