Who IS That Girl?

Wed, 08/06/2014 - 16:55 -- schioda


Who Is That Girl?

If I asked different people what they thought about me they would all be different. 

My mom would tell you I am an outstanding daughter. I work hard at school, I devote to much time at my college job, I love my animals, and I am a great athlete.

My father would say that I am a mistake, I don’t love him as much as I love my mom, I could never live without his support and I am not smart enough for college. Anything to make him look like the victim…

My supervisor would say that I am a hard worker, I am always on time, I am a joy to work with and I can always make him laugh.

But what would I say if you asked me?

I would say that I stress over the little things. If someone is mean to me I cry. If I get a bad grade I will tear myself apart. I push the people I love away. But this is in private.

The person I portray myself to be at work, at school and at my family’s house isn’t always who I am.

Different surroundings require different masks and this is something college teaches everyone.

To succeed you have to know how to act, how to portray yourself in order to get what you want.

 Is this bad?


To succeed in this crazy thing called life we have to look out for ourselves and do what we need to do to get ahead.

If this means putting on a different mask for different tasks throughout the day, at least we aren’t the only ones who are doing it.


The girl behind the curtain


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