Behind The Mask


You may think you know me.

You see my smile, 

the pep in my step,

the flitter in my voice.


You may think you know me,

but you only know my mask.


My mask is smiling,

and its peppy and flitters.

But my mask is not me.


You see,

the world is created by masks.

Everywhere you look and turn,

a mask stares back at you.


The mask faces the world

and it shows the world just what the world wants to see.

The mask is not a burden.

Nor is it ever upset,

because God forbid the moment you show that you're upset,

you become a burden.

And let's admit it,

nobody wants to be a burden.


So, I wear my mask,

day in and day out.


Because the person behind the mask,

behind the curtain,

is a person that does not know who they are.

They know their mask is happy, and peppy, and flittery,

but the mask is fake,

along with the rest of the World staring back into face it decides to show.


You may think you know me,

but you only know my mask.


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